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    What Is Fracturing Fluid Made Of?

    Within the chemical portion of fracturing fluids, there are hundreds of possible compounds that can be created from a relatively small number of chemicals.

    Trade Secrets

    Though the specific chemical formulas a company uses in hydraulic fracturing may be protected by trade-secret laws, FracFocus has developed a method that allows reporting of pertinent information while protecting proprietary information. Learn more.

    About FracFocus

    Created in 2011, FracFocus is the chemical disclosure database for hydraulic fracturing. Learn about its history and purpose.

    Chemicals & Public Disclosure

    Federal and state laws can require varying reporting standards. Learn about two of the federal laws that increase transparency to the public.

    Groundwater Protection

    How is ground water protected during hydraulic fracturing? Learn about well construction and casing, as they apply to protecting the water supply.


    Delve into a collection of our frequently asked questions

    Hydraulic Fracturing

    Learn about this technology used in drilling and the fluids that make the fracturing process possible.