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Water Source Data

On December 1 of 2023 FracFocus updated to FracFocus version 4.0.  This new version of FracFocus includes an option to voluntarily submit additional detail information on the water used on the job and categorize where it was sourced for the individual hydraulic fracturing job reported.   

The Water Source data is strictly a voluntary submission.  It was added after observing the efforts of operators attempting to show similar water source data by breaking out the carrier fluid into multiple ingredient records representing different sources of water being used on a job (e.g., produced, brackish, etc.).  Entering the data into the disclosure in this manner added complexity in presenting the story of Produced Water Reuse. Companies were trying to show that the water being used on a fracturing job was not all fresh water and be proactive with representing their company’s ESG mission. Adding the ability to submit water source data provides a means to address this issue and a simpler way to present the information. Showing a clearer picture of water use during Hydraulic Fracturing.  

The company disclosing can add multiple rows to show up to 100% of the water used by percentage for each type of water reported.  There are 7 options for water sources available (see below). 

Data Entry Options  

The following data entry codes are available:  

  • Groundwater, <1000TDS   
  • Groundwater, >1000TDS  
  • Surface Water, <1000TDS 
  • Surface Water, >1000TDS  
  • Produced Water  
  • Other, <1000TDS
  • Other, >1000TDS